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If you’re looking to include block paving in your garden, driveway, or other ares of your home, seeking out a Marshall’s accredited block paving installer can save you time and money. The reason is that Marshall’s prides themselves on thoroughly vetting the legitimacy and stability of all its accredited block paving installers, so if a company is in the Marshall’s registry you can know that company will do the job right the first time in an ethical fashion. This saves you time and money in the long run.

Block Paving Installers

What Does it Mean to Be a Marshall’s Accredited Block Paving Installer?

Marshall’s has an accreditation process that all interested block paving installers must go through. No company can appear in the Marshall’s Registry without going through an intense vetting process complete with insurance proof, reference checks, and other points of inspection. The companies who wish to be in the registry and receive accreditation go through training and must also pay a fee in order to appear in the registry. In essence, installers who have the Marshall’s Accreditation are those who receive Marshall’s stamp of approval and backing. Since Marshall’s has long been the standard in quality and professionalism for block paving installation, the Marshall’s seal is not handed out lightly. Only those block paving specialists who meet the high Marshall’s standards can obtain the accreditation.

Why Can You Trust an Approved Installer?

Before Marshall’s will award an accreditation to any installer, individual or company, a long process of background vetting and training must be gone through. All of the company’s sub-contractors, if they use any, are thoroughly investigated to make sure only the highest quality professionals are used and that their methods and materials match up to Marshall’s guidelines. All companies must have sound finances, have two trade references and six consumer references, all of which are checked, and must have evidence of both third party public liability insurance and employers liability insurance. Also, only the top materials can be used, and the company must provide a fee to have their background checked and the investigation done. Only serious companies who use the best materials, have the soundest methods, and treat their customers in the most respectful way will be able to be included in the Marshall’s Registry. After that, Marshall’s trains each company so they know what is and is not acceptable for a Marshall’s-approved installer.

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