postheadericon Fog Cannon Removes Dirty Cloud around Your Earthwork Site

When carrying out earthworks, you will mostly find dust, debris and other flying particles forming dirty cloud around the site. The cloud can be both irritating and dangerous. Just like other types of air pollution, the cloud is irritating if it is breathed in or if it comes in contact with eyes. And because the cloud is formed by dirty particles, it becomes so thick that it can limit the vision. If there are drivers and machinery operators at the site, the vision limitation caused by the cloud can be dangerous for them. To keep the air around the site clear, you should consider using fog cannon.fog cannons

You are certainly aware of why those particles can form dirty cloud. Their size is so tiny and they are so lightweight that they are more likely to float upon air currents than to fall to the ground. If you can simply increase their weight, they will lose their ability to float. This is what you are trying to do when you use a canon fog. By shooting water particles to the cloud, you can make the cloud’s particles wet and therefore increase their weight and allow them to drop. By using the canon, you can keep the site where you do the earthworks clean and clear.

There are several advantages that you can reap if you use this canon. Firstly, it uses water and nothing bad can be caused by water. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about its safety. Secondly, it can cover the entire area of your site. There are two types of cannon that you can use: one with 30 meters coverage and one with 50 meters coverage. If your working site is wider, you can use two fog cannons or more in tandem. Thirdly, this product is protected with warranty.

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