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metal roof is installedMetal roofing systems are once again growing in popularity as many property owners look for long term savings in maintenance and energy bills. With the installation of a metal roof, chances are a property owner will never have to replace their roofing system again as the odds of deterioration of a metal roof are limited. When comparing a metal roof to a traditional asphalt shingle system, the savings are clear. With an asphalt roof lasting for around 12 years as an average, in contrast, a metal or steel roofing system usually comes with a guarantee of between 30 and 50 years.

Metal roofing systems are now produced in a variety of colours, designs and styles to suit the needs of almost every property owner. A metal roof can therefore be found to suit the character of any property and add value to a home when compared to an asphalt tile. With asphalt shingles being made from paper, they start to deteriorate from the moment they are exposed to weathering during installation. Other roof tiles,such as wooden tiles can also deteriorate quickly, often cracking in hot temperatures.

Metal systems are therefore not only the most economical in terms of maintenance costs, but they also retain their appearance over a long period of time without deteriorating. When installed correctly, a metal roof can provide a large number of benefits, including lower energy bills through the insulating qualities of the metal roof. In the winter months, heat is trapped within the building and throughout the summer, the metal or steel roofing surface reflects the heat of the sun hitting the metal roof.

Any roof installation is best completed by a professionally experienced contractor who can bring their skills to the installation. A metal roof can be difficult to cut to size and install correctly in order to ensure the roof of the building is water tight to avoid leaks in bad weather. When installed correctly, a metal roof should withstand the majority of bad weather. Once the metal roof is installed, maintenance should not be required. In order to ensure you roof is well taken care of, be sure to water it with a hose from ground level each year to keep it clean and clear of debris.

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